Category: Fundraising

Dear Noble Community.

Bodhi Charity Foundation 1st Fundraising Event in San Jose, California, USA on Saturday, June 8th, 2019 was drawn to a successful close.

With more than 25 Vietnamese gourmet vegetarian dishes and an awesome music program featuring Hương Từ Bi Group, the Veggie Banquet created an energy of compassion and how to nourish it by sharing our resources with others in need; and importantly, the proceedings as of the closing of the banquet was $10,325!

I believe this amount will slightly increase in the coming days as many folks called in and asked for the address so they can mail in the checks.

The Organization would like to express our deepest gratitude to the Venerable Monastics for the solemn presence, the generous support from our Donors, and importantly all the big and small effort from our Members and Friends to make this event possible.

Because it would be impossible not to make any mistake during the course of the event, we sincerely ask for your forgiveness if there was any act that caused you disappointment. We especially welcome your feedback in an effort to make our future events better.

With Gratitude,
Bodhi Charity Foundation