Our members and volunteers on stage at the Hayward 2019 Fundraiser Event

Dear Noble Community,

Bodhi Charity Foundation Fundraising Event in Hayward, California on Sunday, September 8th, 2019 was drawn to a close with proceedings of $11,000.

With a relatively smaller crowd than we expected, yet a sense of deep concern and compassion was felt in the hall as those who were present watched photos and videos from the charity trip in Vietnam that the Organization organized this past July, 2019. As images of children with disabilities, the orphans, students of poor families, leprosy patients, deserted people, and especially the terminally ill monastics flashed on the screen, many could not hold their tears; and their compassion turned to actions as they began to give generously. One donor upon seeing the $10,776 proceedings announced on Facebook immediately contacted us and offered to donate $224 via Venmo to make the proceedings an even $11,000.

As the Buddha once taught, “The scent of flowers - sandlewood, jasmine, and rosebay – doesn’t go against the wind; but the scent of a virtuous person does travel against the wind; it spreads in all directions” (Dhammapada). The fundraising hall this afternoon was filled with the scent of compassion, and it seems to have continued to spread in all directions!

The Organization would like to express our deepest gratitude to the Monastics, the generous support from our Donors, and importantly all the big and small efforts from our Members and Friends to make this event a successful one.

Because it would be impossible not to make any mistake during the course of the event, we sincerely ask for your forgiveness if there was any act from our part that caused you disappointment. We especially welcome your feedback so that we could learn to make future events better.

With deep gratitude,

Bodhi Charity Foundation