Helping India In COVID-19 CrisisDear Noble Community,

Over the past two weeks, the Covd-19 crisis has engulfed India with 400,000 infections a day, bringing the total number of infections in this country with a population of 1.4 billion to nearly 25 million, and the death toll of 270,000 people. According to experts' comments on National Public Radio, the actual number of infected and dead people is much higher than the statistics.

In order to help the people of India overcome the pandemic, Bodhi Charity Foundation is urgently calling for your help; and the Foundation would like to be the bridge to bring this much needed help to the people of India who are currently facing many difficulties. Sincerely grateful.

All contributions to the program can be made at the Fundraiser Facebook link below:: 

For check donations, please make it to:
     Bodhi Charity Foundation
     PO Box 730008
     San Jose, CA 95173

Thank you very much for your kind support.